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Upcoming Competition:

The next competition will start soon and will be announced right here

Last competition:

Our last competition ended on Wednsday, September 16th. Following are the three winners of The Path and their best times in Chapter Twos Return!:
  1. Casey, 01:54.554
  2. Gregor, 02:27.426
  3. E, 03:00.256
Congratulations and have fun with Tale of Tales's inspiring The Path!

Quick Start

To participate you will have to do the following:

1. Register your name, with which you play in And Yet It Moves, if you haven't registered for any competition in the past. You can do this on the registration page

2. Change the Location of you profile to the location specified above.

3. Play the level specified above while the competition is running (check the date above) and submit your highscore.

ATTENTION: Please make sure you register before you submit your highscores for the competition. Only then your time will count!

4. No Walking is allowed. Because you can win a game that aims for something different than most other games we will also change the competition rules a bit. We will take the tip of Athari and bring some variation into the competition.
To win this competition you have to navigate the level by jumping, rotating and falling. We will check this by looking through the ghost files and searching for the Run animations. If there is no Run animation present, then the submitted score is valid.

Have fun competing and may the fastest win!

If you want more information you migh want to read the rules

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»AYIM is a tremendous achievement. Fusing some ball grabingly good level design with some fantastic physics elements and sound design that all feel as tactile and glorious as crumpling up a piece of paper.« Midlife Gamer

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