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Thanks for checking out And Yet It Moves.
Grab the demo right here and enjoy!

Download for Windows:

demo/And Yet It Moves Demo v1.3.0 Setup.exe

Download for Mac:

demo/And Yet It Moves Demo v1.3.0.dmg

Download for Linux:

And Yet It Moves v1.2.2:
32bit .deb
64bit .deb
32bit .rpm
64bit .rpm
32bit .tar.gz
64bit .tar.gz

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»ItIts vertigo-inducing 360-degree rotation mechanic makes the platformer exasperatingly fun to learn all over again and, unlike the majority of celebrated indie-releases, the developers at Broken Rules had the audacity to craft a genuinely innovative experience that's the rarest of all things - fun to play.« Popzara

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