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»...one of the best WiiWare games ever, and puts 'And Yet It Moves' in the running to be one of the best Wii titles of 2010.« MTV Multiplayer »... what a puzzle game should be: a simple premise, easy to understand rules, and a great deal of personality.« Armchair Empire »... one of the most original, visually striking and downright surprising games to come out so far this year.« the escapist »Whether bat-shepherding, banana-rolling or bee-fleeing, each task is obscure enough to warrant a eureka moment and physically exerting enough to serve as a decent twitch challenge.« EDGE »It meets all my criteria for essential indie-ness: made by less than five people, vaguely ambient soundtrack, story-less. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed it.« the escapist »Buy it!« Bytejacker »This first retail game by the developer hits nearly everything they were trying to do perfectly. It brings a completely new twist (pardon the pun) to the platform genre, mixes it with a beautifully unique art style and spits out a game that’s well worth the 1,000 Wii Point asking price.« Nintendo Okie »I can do nothing but recommend And Yet It Moves.« Destructoid »It's remarkable to find a game of such effortless brilliance showing up in such an unheralded fashion.« Eurogamer »Call me a masochist, but I honestly think AYIM may be one of the best games I have ever played.« The Mac Gamer read all reviews and testimonials

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»AYIM also boasts a superb difficulty curve that gradually introduces players to new gameplay elements, ultimately leading to a satisfying crescendo at the game’s finale.« The Mac Gamer

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