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»Clever design and a quirky artistic style make this gimmicky puzzle platformer worth playing.« GameSpot »This game is the most awesome thing since sliced bread and even a while since its original release, I am still thinking about it.« IndieGameReviewer.com »It’s a game that capitalizes on the freedom inherent in simulated spaces, and the result is smart, lean, and topsy-turvy.« Pixelsocks »It meets all my criteria for essential indie-ness: made by less than five people, vaguely ambient soundtrack, story-less. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed it.« the escapist »Some of the ideas are too astounding for words - I honestly felt that there was not a single moment of filler bundled in there.« indiegames.com »... what a puzzle game should be: a simple premise, easy to understand rules, and a great deal of personality.« Armchair Empire »What was previously an interesting experiment became brilliant.« ABC: Good Game »That the game-mechanics underneath are equally original makes for an experience that is not only one of the premier games on Nintendo’s WiiWare channel, but also one of the most beguiling titles of recent years.« D+Pad »AYIM also boasts a superb difficulty curve that gradually introduces players to new gameplay elements, ultimately leading to a satisfying crescendo at the game’s finale.« The Mac Gamer »A charming and welcome addition to the sparse yet experimental offerings on WiiWare.« Beefjack read all reviews and testimonials

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»ItIts vertigo-inducing 360-degree rotation mechanic makes the platformer exasperatingly fun to learn all over again and, unlike the majority of celebrated indie-releases, the developers at Broken Rules had the audacity to craft a genuinely innovative experience that's the rarest of all things - fun to play.« Popzara

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