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»ItIts vertigo-inducing 360-degree rotation mechanic makes the platformer exasperatingly fun to learn all over again and, unlike the majority of celebrated indie-releases, the developers at Broken Rules had the audacity to craft a genuinely innovative experience that's the rarest of all things - fun to play.« Popzara »And Yet It Moves is brilliant fun and innovative as hell. Make it your duty to give this one a go.« indiegames.com »And Yet It Moves makes sense on Wii« kotaku »AYIM also boasts a superb difficulty curve that gradually introduces players to new gameplay elements, ultimately leading to a satisfying crescendo at the game’s finale.« The Mac Gamer »[...] a beautifully-realised physics platformer with character and inspiration that’s all its own.« Rock Paper Shotgun »... one of the most original, visually striking and downright surprising games to come out so far this year.« the escapist »If you wish for a game which miraculously breathes new life into an already 25 year old genre and proves itself to be immensely creative and fun, look no further.« Wii's World »... what a puzzle game should be: a simple premise, easy to understand rules, and a great deal of personality.« Armchair Empire »Whether bat-shepherding, banana-rolling or bee-fleeing, each task is obscure enough to warrant a eureka moment and physically exerting enough to serve as a decent twitch challenge.« EDGE »It's a great example of how simple game controls and amazing level design can come together to make something more than the sum of its parts« Destructoid read all reviews and testimonials

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»If you like a game with real imagination and unique gameplay, you owe it to yourself to pick this game up.« Video Game Talke

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