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»I can do nothing but recommend And Yet It Moves.« Destructoid »It's a great example of how simple game controls and amazing level design can come together to make something more than the sum of its parts« Destructoid »A charming and welcome addition to the sparse yet experimental offerings on WiiWare.« Beefjack »This first retail game by the developer hits nearly everything they were trying to do perfectly. It brings a completely new twist (pardon the pun) to the platform genre, mixes it with a beautifully unique art style and spits out a game that’s well worth the 1,000 Wii Point asking price.« Nintendo Okie »That the game-mechanics underneath are equally original makes for an experience that is not only one of the premier games on Nintendo’s WiiWare channel, but also one of the most beguiling titles of recent years.« D+Pad »It's remarkable to find a game of such effortless brilliance showing up in such an unheralded fashion.« Eurogamer »AYIM is a tremendous achievement. Fusing some ball grabingly good level design with some fantastic physics elements and sound design that all feel as tactile and glorious as crumpling up a piece of paper.« Midlife Gamer »If you wish for a game which miraculously breathes new life into an already 25 year old genre and proves itself to be immensely creative and fun, look no further.« Wii's World »ItIts vertigo-inducing 360-degree rotation mechanic makes the platformer exasperatingly fun to learn all over again and, unlike the majority of celebrated indie-releases, the developers at Broken Rules had the audacity to craft a genuinely innovative experience that's the rarest of all things - fun to play.« Popzara »...one of the best WiiWare games ever, and puts 'And Yet It Moves' in the running to be one of the best Wii titles of 2010.« MTV Multiplayer »Wonderfully designed and lovingly executed, And Yet It Moves is the WiiWare game of our dreams.« NGamer »If you like a game with real imagination and unique gameplay, you owe it to yourself to pick this game up.« Video Game Talke »And Yet It Moves is still more confirmation of the vibrancy of the indie development scene, and it shows yet again, for many developers, the second dimension remains the final- and the most exciting- frontier.« No Added Sugar »If you only download one WiiWare title in your Wii-owning lifetime, this week's release of indie PC game And Yet It Moves from developer Broken Rules would be a damn fine choice.« Kotaku »And Yet it Moves is a brilliantly unique and cleverly puzzling platformer.« ComputerAndVideogames »Whether bat-shepherding, banana-rolling or bee-fleeing, each task is obscure enough to warrant a eureka moment and physically exerting enough to serve as a decent twitch challenge.« EDGE »Broken Rules shares Nintendo's eye for new ideas...« EDGE »And Yet It Moves makes sense on Wii« kotaku »... one of the most original, visually striking and downright surprising games to come out so far this year.« the escapist »... one of the most addictive and refreshing games I've played this year.« IGN »There are plenty of eye-catching games, and there are some games that genuinely innovate. This indie project manages to do the impossible and combine the two.« PC Gamer UK »Buy it!« Bytejacker »[...] a beautifully-realised physics platformer with character and inspiration that’s all its own.« Rock Paper Shotgun »Clever design and a quirky artistic style make this gimmicky puzzle platformer worth playing.« GameSpot »What was previously an interesting experiment became brilliant.« ABC: Good Game »Some of the ideas are too astounding for words - I honestly felt that there was not a single moment of filler bundled in there.« indiegames.com »This game is the most awesome thing since sliced bread and even a while since its original release, I am still thinking about it.« IndieGameReviewer.com »The world is alive and squirming under your finger like a pinned sibling« Indie Game Mag »The gameplay in And Yet It Moves is also quite awesome, in a dreamy, clumsy, drunken sort of way.« See Jane Game »It’s not often that you trip over a game that you might have overlooked otherwise and end up discovering something that surprises you in the best ways possible. And Yet It Moves is one of those games.« That Videogame Blog »Call me a masochist, but I honestly think AYIM may be one of the best games I have ever played.« The Mac Gamer »It’s a game that capitalizes on the freedom inherent in simulated spaces, and the result is smart, lean, and topsy-turvy.« Pixelsocks »Also, did I mention that the game is beaauuutiful. It's just gorgeous! [...] I love looking at it, let alone playing it!« Little Miss Gamer »... what a puzzle game should be: a simple premise, easy to understand rules, and a great deal of personality.« Armchair Empire »AYIM also boasts a superb difficulty curve that gradually introduces players to new gameplay elements, ultimately leading to a satisfying crescendo at the game’s finale.« The Mac Gamer »It meets all my criteria for essential indie-ness: made by less than five people, vaguely ambient soundtrack, story-less. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed it.« the escapist »I highly recommend that you give it some of your time. It deserves it. And so do you.« See Jane Game »And Yet It Moves is brilliant fun and innovative as hell. Make it your duty to give this one a go.« indiegames.com

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»... what a puzzle game should be: a simple premise, easy to understand rules, and a great deal of personality.« Armchair Empire

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